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Theatre critics around the world all took their turn to take a swing at the Coney Island clowns. To view their unedited reviews, select a production!

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Updated June 28, 2012

READ MORE Daily_Mail_Press_Review.html

Daily Mail

“Love may never die but West End shows will come perilously close to disaster unless they have some oompf and bongo — and preferably a decent tune — in the first 15 minutes.”

READ MORE Times_Online_Press_Review.html

Times Online

“...oh, how time and a dismally implausible plot have altered [Phantom] and his life.”

READ MORE Guardian_Press_Review.html


“The problems lie within the book, chiefly credited to Lloyd Webber himself and Ben Elton, which lacks the weight to support the imaginative superstructure.”

READ MORE New_York_Times_Press_Review.html

New York Times

“So now he’s back in the West End with a big, gaudy new show. And he might as well have a “kick me” sign pasted to his backside.”

READ MORE Evening_Standard_Press_Review.html

Evening Standard

“Admirers of Phantom are likely to be disappointed, and there’s not enough here to entice a new generation of fans.”

READ MORE Metro_Press_Review.html


“...a sentimental love story in which the psychological darkness of its predecessor has aged into hammy gothic kitsch.”

READ MORE EW.com_Press_Review.html

“UK critic Mark Shenton's verdict is out, too---and it's a pan.”

READ MORE Financial_Times_Press_Review.html

Financial Times

“I can’t see it winning over the “Love Should Die” Facebook group.”

READ MORE Sunday_Times_Press_Review.html

Sunday Times

“None of this villainy was remotely hinted at in Phantom. It’s one of the many excruciating ways in which the original characters have had to be deformed to fit this childish and cheesy melodrama.”

READ MORE Variety_Press_Review.html


“At the moment, watching the sequel only makes you appreciate the achievement of the original.

READ MORE Theatremania_Press_Review.html

“...turns out to be muddled and baffling, and full of moments of unintentional humor.

READ MORE Scotsman_Press_Review.html

The Scotsman

“’ll wish you’d got a ticket for the original Phantom instead.”

READ MORE Time_Out_London_Press_Review.html

Time Out London

“With its sickening swirls of video imagery, pointless plot, and protracted, repetitive songs, 'Love Never Dies', directed by Jack O'Brien, is punishingly wearisome.”

READ MORE NewStatesman_Press_Release.html


Reports Mr Y should be renamed Mr YOY (as in 'why oh why did we need to have a sequel?').


West End Whingers

“The Whingers could think of many reasons not to see Love Never Dies, the long-awaited (although by whom is unclear) sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.”

READ MORE Jewish_Chronicle_Review.html

Jewish Chronicle

“Apart from Bob Crowley's design, this sequel to the hit Phantom of the Opera misses on all fronts.”

READ MORE Variety_V2_Press_Review.html

Variety Magazine

“...The story itself, and thus the show, remains weak...Love Never Dies has the tired feel of an attempt merely to continue the story.”

READ MORE Daily_Mail_V2_Press_Review.html

Daily Mail

“...Exhale too deeply and it’ll fall over...this one’s got no real oomph to get it going. It also has little at stake to sustain it until well into the second half...”

READ MORE Evening_Standard_V2_Press_Release.html

Evening Standard

“ is still repetitious, lacks real suspense and suffers from the fact that several key characters feel one-dimensional...with all the revisions that have been made Love Never Dies, though elegant, doesn’t feel sufficiently dynamic.

READ MORE Younger_Theatre_V2_Press_Review.html

A Younger Theatre

“With an obvious plot, little dramatic tension, and an ending that lacks any real emotion, Love Never Dies sadly does die for me and so has a part of my appreciation of what a new musical should bring to the West End.

READ MORE Time_Out_London_V2.0.html

Time Out London

“The new mask does little to hide the ugliness beneath; the problems are integral... The lyrics...are terrible and the story (a hotchpotch from Webber, Ben Elton, Slater and Frederick Forsyth) simply silly.


The Australian

“...the story is as rickety and jerry-rigged as a Coney Island roller coaster...”


The Age

“The songs aren't as memorable ...and there's only so much you can do with recycled goods.”

READ MORE Crikey_Press_Review.html


“banal lyrics...the implausible plot...You can’t build a show on one great song. Or the memories of an old fantastical piece of musical theatre”

READ MORE Time_Out_Sydney_Review.html

Time Out Sydney

“[Andrew Lloyd Webber] step away from your piano, hang up your crown and quietly exit stage left. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

READ MORE Theatre_People_Sydney_Review.html

Theatre People Australia

“There is only a single subplot to speak of, and it’s one which rarely threatens to become engaging.”

READ MORE Daily_Telegraph_Sydney_Review.html

Daily Telegraph

“While a steady string of showstoppers helped catapult the original [Phantom] into the musical theatre stratosphere, Phantom Part II boasts a far less remarkable score.”

READ MORE Stage_Noise_Sydney_Review.html

Stage Noise

“It’s all terrific, aside from the book, lyrics, and music, all of which are mediocre at best and risible the rest of the time.”

READ MORE Sydney_Morning_Herald_Review.html

Sydney Morning Herald

“The Phan-boys will never come around to loving it...”
“...The story’s climax stutters...”   

READ MORE Detroit_News_DVD_Review.html

Detroit News

“Love Never Dies” is perhaps best watched with a stiff drink in hand. Yes Love Never Dies is bad. And it also doesn’t help that the show is ill-conceived from the start.”   


READ MORE BC_Video_Review.html

BC Video

“I am of the opinion that Andrew Lloyd Webber was drunk...when he sat down to scribble out the storyline for this one...I wouldn't see this one live even if the tickets were free, the booze was copious and complimentary,”   


Big Picture Big Sound

“If you hold the [Phantom of the Opera] up on a pedestal, you may want to steer clear of this production. It really does nothing for the legacy..”   

READ MORE Oklahoma_News_DVD_Review.html

Oklahoma News

“Lloyd Webber proves that unnecessary sequels aren't just for movies anymore with “Love Never Dies,” his woefully undesirable follow-up to his theatrical smash “Phantom of the Opera.””   

READ MORE MovieForum_DVD_Review.html

“"The Phantom of the Opera" was never meant to end this’s better to put it off for as long as possible.”   

READ MORE Montoya_DVD_Review.html

Miss Montoya

“This musical is a disgrace to the name of Phantom!”   

READ MORE Disc_Dish_DVD_Review.html

Disc Dish

“Love Never Dies may be great to look at, but clocking in at just over two hours, it’s difficult to sit through.”   

READ MORE Twitch_Film_DVD_Review.html

Twitch Film

“Awful, just awful. the songs and the story - book, lyric and score - that are just so truly, head-banging-against-wall bad.”   

READ MORE Film_Jabber_DVD_Review.html

Film Jabber

“it is a bigger and more extravagant production that lacks the intrigue and conflict of the original. In other words, it’s like so many other sequels. Bigger does not mean better.”

READ MORE Musical_Chronicles_DVD_Review.html

Musical Chronicles

“The problem here is that we don’t care much for the characters and everything is very predictable...everything is kind of tedious and uninteresting.”

READ MORE Movie_Muser.html

Movie Muser

“ it's missing the magic that the original music brought that we all fell in love with in the first place.”