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Statement from Love Should Die

June 17, 2011


In Response to the closing announcement of the ‘Love Never Dies’ London Production

Interestingly enough, the Love Should Die campaign and its supporters were accused by the Really Useful Group’s chief executive André Ptaszynski, of contributing to a loss of £8 million in mid 2010. It has been confirmed by numerous sources Love Never Dies had been failing at the box office since it opened in 2010. Since then, recent reports confirmed a loss of over £4 million due to lack of ticket sales.


While it was never our intent to close the sequel to Phantom, the Love Should Die Team and supporters are pleased with the announcement of the closure of Love Never Dies.


Our campaign does not aim to bring about the closure of any Love Never Dies production. It doesn't need to. The show is dreadful enough to close itself. Nor do we wish any harm upon the cast or creative team of this completely unnecessary and tasteless venture.


We are very disheartened to learn how the cast and crew of the production found out about the closure. To learn that your production is closing through online media before hearing it from your employer is regrettable.


The Really Useful Group and Andrew Lloyd Webber continue to treat their employees, cast, and fans with utter disrespect. We wish all the best in the future for the cast and crew and hope they go on to bigger and better productions where their talent is not wasted and can be fully appreciated.



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